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Photo of Bulgarian MVR Police officer dated 1972

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Photo of Bulgarian MVR Police officer dated 1972
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Researched SOVIET Russian WWII group RED BANNER order medal bar RED STAR, PATRIOTIC WAR
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Bulgarian Order George Dimitrov , 31 gram Gold +CERTIFICATE +Luhore Case « Communist Period (1948 - 1989) « Bulgarian Orders, Medals & Badges « Orders « Home

Bulgarian Order George Dimitrov , 31 gram Gold +CERTIFICATE +Luhore  Case

Bulgarian Order George Dimitrov , 31 gram Gold +CERTIFICATE +Luhore  Case view full size

Bulgarian Order George Dimitrov , 31 gram Gold +CERTIFICATE +Luhore Case

Bulgarian Order George Dimitrov  +CERTIFICATE +Luhore  Case

Order make from 14 karata GOLD and weght about 31gr.

Comes with awarding rare certificate and luhore case and miniature and lapal .

Despite the great number of awards of this last emission (about 4000), the order has become rarer and rarer in the last few years. After 1989, when the democratic changes started to take place, especially during the two big economic crisis, 1991-1992 and 1995-1996 respectively, many of those pieces were sold to jewelers because of their gold contents and part of them were even recast. After 2000 the price of the order rose and started to differ from its pure gold value. In our opinion, this tendency in upward direction will continue and become even more evident because of the high historical and aeshetic value of the Order.

GENERAL INFO: George Dimitrov order is one of the main Bulgarian orders of higher rank. In the spirit of Bulgarian communist awarding tradition the order was designed to show the face of the Bulgarian communist party leader, George Dimitrov, who was a hero of the international communist movement from the process in Leipzig, 1933.

Instituted: by a decree of the Presidium of the Great Assembly, on 17th June 1950. 
Awarded to: Bulgarian and foreign citizens for their great achievements. The order is also awarded to people who were already honored with the title: Hero of PRB and Hero of Socialist Labor. The order was accompanied by a golden star corresponding to the title.
Form: Oval shape: 45 x 42 mm in size. The order is made of gold: an enamelled medallion in red with the embossed face of George Dimitrov. Below reads his name: George Dimitrov. Also, there can be noticed a hammer and a sickle, the symbols of communism. The medallion is surrounded by two wreaths of wheat stems, with a red star above.
Emissions: There are three emissions and a replica of the order. 
1. The first one is heaviest - 64gr gold/ 22ct . Approximately 300 piecesof this emission are thick, and have mechanically stamped numbers on reverse.
2. The interim emission is almost twice as lighter compared to the first one. It is of 30gr weight/14-22 ct, and has manually stamped numbers on reverse.
3. The second emission of the order is 31gr gold/ 14ct. The order is hollow, has two holes on the reverse and lacks a number.
- The replica is made in the same matrix, but the material used is not gold. There is stamped "R" letter on the reverse.
Author: Kiril Lazarov
Awarded: 4000 people. The one who was awarded first is the prime minister of PRB - Velko Chervenkov (1950).
Closed: 1989

Орден Георгия Димитрова учреждён 17 июня 1950 года указом Президиума Народного собрания. Вручался болгарским и иностранным гражданам "за особые заслуги в деле строительства социализма". Орден также вручался при присуждении звания "Герой Болгарии" и "Герой Социалистического труда". Количество награждений - 4 518. Знак ордена с номером 1 был вручен премьер-министру НРБ Велко Червенкову.

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