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Set original WWII Mannlicher Ammunition pouches
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Bulgarian royal WWII gas masks

ShopBulgaria recently purchase a lot of different types Bulgarian gas masks from WWII, all in full set in never used conditions - with original labels from 1930s - 1940s. 

Bulgaria stands up for Germany during the two world wars. As German ally Bulgarian army was equipped with German accoutrements or such made in Bulgarian on German model. Such is the gas masks we have here – it is modeled after the "Gasmaske 200 model 109" from 1933 of the Draeger factory. This last one gave the producer license to the Bulgarian state factory – DVF (Durjavna Voenna Fabrika) in the town of Kazanluk. The producer ink stamp – DVF is clearly seen on the bag’s lid .

The gas masks are full set - complete with canvas bag with shoulder strap, and gas mask’s filter.  The caps at front bear the Bulgarian royal army coat of arms - a dressed lion with crown above. There are several stamps on the inside – "D.V.F." and "V.M." (Ministry of war).

The filters are original too – they preserve the original labels that give details on the gas mask use: "Gas mask filter of type 1, number …. Tested on January 15th 1937. Keeps from all acid gas and all types smokes and fоgs". The filters are still sealed with piece of cardboard with instruction stamp: "wrap the cap before use the breading part".

The canvas bags are also identical to the German model one. Bags are marked with stamp of the Military factory - a head with gas mask and the abbreviation D.V.F. The box it self is marked by the German producer "Draeger",  obviously the micas were imported from Germany. Above the German stamp there is Bulgarian one with another instructions.

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