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Bulgarian rose oil products (GENERAL INFORMATION) « Bulgarian Rose oil « Home

Bulgarian rose oil products (GENERAL INFORMATION)

Bulgarian rose oil products (GENERAL INFORMATION) view full size

Bulgarian rose oil products (GENERAL INFORMATION)

Rose oil   Rose oil is a natural product obtained by water-steam distillation of fresh flowers of oil-bearing rose – Rosa damascene Mill cultivated in Rose Valley, where are found the most suitable conditions for its growth. One kilogram rose oil is usually obtained from 3 to 3, 5 tons rose blossom. In the composition of Bulgarian rose oil are found about 283 components. They are divided into two groups: carriers and fixative of scent. The carriers of smell are the liquid part of the oil – eleopten. The fixatives of scent are solid at ambient temperature and odorless but fix the scent and give it durability – stearopten. From the many components of eleopten with rose scent are citronellol, geraniol, nerol, phenyl ethyl alcohol, but the typical rose odor is formed by the presence of microelements.  Bulgarian rose oil is perceived as a global benchmark for quality. It is widely used in perfumery, cosmetics and medicine.  

Rose concrete   Rose blossom can be processed by the method of extraction, and is extracted with an organic solvent which is separated in full after the end of the process. As a result of this is obtained the so-called “rose concrete”. It is a soft, waxy substance with orange color. The composition of concrete includes over 166 components. An important indicator is the percentage of rose absolute which varies in the range of 50 – 60%.

Rose absolute   Rose absolute is obtained from rose concrete through alcohol solvent for separation of waxes. In the composition of rose absolute enter components of the essential oil as the main of which is phenyl ethyl alcohol.
Rose water   Rose water is a natural product derived from a certain technological regime of the distillation of rose blossom and the required ratio of rose blossom and water in the distillation vessel.
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