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BULGARIAN SCRIPT - A European Phenomenon « Bulgarian Books « Home

BULGARIAN SCRIPT - A European Phenomenon

BULGARIAN SCRIPT - A European Phenomenon view full size

BULGARIAN SCRIPT - A European Phenomenon

ISBN 9789545001901

Author: Plamen Pavlov; Atanas Orachev ; Antoniy Handjiyski

Printed in:  Sofia 2008

Pages: 80 p. , hard back , size : 21,5 x 15,5 cm

Language: Text in English . Available also in French, Russian and Bulgarian. 

Photos: full color illustrations

In the 2nd half of the 9th century AD Bulgarian Saints and equal to Apostles Cyril and Methodius created the third official European script, after the Greek and Latin ones. The Old-Bulgarian literary language put an end to the "three language dogma" and was adopted as an official liturgical language. Thus the World of God became understandable to the Slav peoples and united them with the European Christian culture. In 1979, appreciating this act as an epochal cultural and civilization event, the head of the Roman-Catholic Church Pope John Paul II proclaimed the Saint Brothers co-patrons of Europe along with St. Benedict - the highest though symbolic, acknowledgment of the contribution Bulgarian people made for building the European civilization.

The book consists of two parts. The first part presents the work of the saint brothers Cyril and Methodius, while the second part examines the appearance and the presence of different script systems in Bulgarian lands down the millennia. Here are included the rare Thracian inscriptions, oaths stone inscriptions, Roman inscriptions, a table of the Gothic runic script, a table with Bulgarian runic signs. For a first time is published a reference comparative table of the Balkan alphabets with the names, phonetic and numerical values and the Latin transcription of their letters. While arranging the Gothic, Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabets they were correlated to the Greek alphabet. 
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