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BULGARIAN SCRIPT - A European Phenomenon
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Bulgarian Communist Order Title "HONOURED" « Communist Period (1948 - 1989) « Bulgarian Orders, Medals & Badges « Titles « All all Items « Home

Bulgarian Communist Order Title

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Bulgarian Communist Order Title "HONOURED"

Instituted: On 15th June 1948, with a decree of the Presidium of the Great National Assembly.
Awarded to: People of various fields of occupation: economy, science, education, technology, arts, culture, and healthcare.
Form: The title has a round shape, and is made of white metal. In the center of the award can be noticed a curved torch. Two laurel twigs and a starlet above surround the torch. At the bottom is inscribed: "HONOURED". The title has a ribbon of a five-angle shape.
Number of awardees: 4000 people
Emission closed: November 1987
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