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Bulgarian army patches 1974-2011

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Bulgarian army patches 1974-2011
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Yugoslavia Order of Bravery , 1st MONDVOR emission

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Yugoslavia Order of Bravery , 1st MONDVOR emission
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Bulgarian Order 13 Centuries , RARE!! « Communist Period (1948 - 1989) « Bulgarian Orders, Medals & Badges « Orders « All all Items « Home

Bulgarian Order 13 Centuries , RARE!!

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Bulgarian Order 13 Centuries , RARE!!

This is one of the highest rank Bulgarian communist awards.  The order is of the silver-gold emission. It contains about 27-28 grams gold and 130-140 grams silver. The pin top is marked with the stamp of Bulgarian State Mint.


Instituted: by decree of the National Council of PRB, on 16th October 1981
Awarded to: Bulgarian and foreign citizens for great contribution to PRB.
Form: Two-faced five-angle star, white enameled, 75 mm in diameter. In the center of the order can be noticed an image of the ancient Preslav castles as well as the Bulgarian National symbol: a lion surrounded by a laurel wreath. Above reads the year of founding Bulgarian State: "681". The order comes with a gilt-color ribbon, and is 85 mm in diameter.The award has a five-angle star made of silver. It repeats the image of the order's obverse.The diameter of the star is 80mm. The order has a miniature for daily use, which is 23 mm in diameter and has no images on the reverse.
Author: Valentin Starchev and Marko Markov.
Awarded: 100 people

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